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Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm

Lead Scientist, Global Water

Arlington, Virginia USA

Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm headshot.

Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm Lead Scientist for TNC's Global Water Priority © Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm


Hydrology, Water Resources Engineering, Water-Climate-Vegetation Modeling, Water-Energy-Food Nexus


ph. +44 7808 164370


Dr. Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm is a hydrologist and water resources engineer with research interests in modeling of surface and groundwater systems, climate-hydrology-vegetation interactions, remote sensing applied to hydrologic cycle processes and water quality, and modeling of the water-energy-food nexus. He has been a Principal Investigator in over $250M research sponsored by NASA, NOAA, NSF, USDA, USAID, the World Bank and other agencies, and has worked as a consultant in water resources projects in all five continents for over 25 years.

He has served on the faculty at Northeastern University, the University of Miami, Florida International University, and the University of Maryland. He also spent 5 years as a civil servant at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC.

He earned a Mechanical Engineering diploma from Universidad Simón Bolívar in Caracas, Venezuela (1987), a MS in Engineering from the University of California, Irvine (1989), and a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1993).

Fernando is a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and a Diplomate of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and the American Academy of Water Resources Engineers. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the states of Massachusetts and Florida.

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Visit Fernando's Google Scholar Link for a full list of publications. 

Books and Book Chapters

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Scientific Journal Articles


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