Our People

Ed Hewitt

Forests Director, TNC Africa

Nairobi, Kenya

Headshot of Ed Hewitt.

Ed Hewitt TNC Africa Forests Strategy Director Ed Hewitt in Kenya © Roshni Lodhia


Climate change, Climate finance, Carbon markets, Enterprise development




Ed directs TNC’s forests work in Africa and has led the Africa Forest Carbon Catalyst since the initial ‘seedling’ of the idea. Ed is from the UK, but moved to Nairobi in 2016 to develop a new forest strategy for TNC in Africa. Since studying a module on climate change as part of a geography degree at Oxford University, Ed has committed his career to finding solutions to tackle climate change. He’s always worked at the cross section of business and conservation, and has held positions both in the private sector and more recently with TNC. 

Ed was first inspired to launch the Africa Forest Carbon Catalyst when he saw the large number of African enterprises with great ideas for saving and restoring forests. Yet they could all do with a little helping hand from a financial and technical perspective to help them achieve their vision and take solutions to scale. This spawned the creation of a facility to do just that. Ed loves nothing better than getting out in the field and spending time with the projects and enterprises we support, understanding their barriers and thinking through how TNC can best help to remove them.

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