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Deborah’s academic roots are in Soil Biology and Fertility. She holds a M.Sc. and PhD in Soil Science from the University of California, Davis and is passionate about the pivotal role that soils play in supporting lives and ecosystems. She has published a wealth of research papers on the subject and emphasizes bringing soil science to practice, playing thought leadership roles in global initiatives including the Global Landscape Forum, the 4P/1000 research consortia and the Initiative 20x20.

Deborah came to The Nature Conservancy (TNC) from a top science leadership position at the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) where she held the position of Director of Soil Research. Her career has focused on soil science for sustainable agriculture and development in Africa, Asia and the Americas for more than 20 years. Deborah has a wealth of experience in the field, including practical hands on experience working with communities facing the challenges of degraded soil health.

Deborah is the Lead Soil Scientist for TNC, where she is an integral member of the Global Lands team and an active member of the Cabinet of Lead Scientists, a collaborative group of Conservancy Lead Scientists contributing topical expertise to cross-cutting science issues for the organization. In this role she integrates new soil science expertise to support and advance existing climate, agriculture, forestry and conservation priorities and to better understand how we can scale our impact through improved soil management.

Deborah is the Lead Soil Scientist for The Nature Conservancy, where she is an integral member of the Global Lands team and an active member of the Cabinet of Lead Scientists, a collaborative group of Conservancy Lead Scientists contributing topical expertise to cross-cutting science issues for the organization. In this role she integrates new soil science expertise to support and advance existing climate, agriculture, forestry and conservation priorities and to better understand how we can scale our impact through improved soil management.

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Visit Deborah's Google Scholar Profile for a full list of publications.


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