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Daniel Coker

Senior Spatial Scientist, Maine


Dan Coker smiles in a portrait.

Daniel Coker Dan is the Senior Spatial Scientist for The Nature Conservancy in Maine. © Phoebe Parker

Areas of Expertise

Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Analysis, Landscape Ecology


Daniel Coker

Media Contact

Jeremy Cluchey
ph. 207-607-4843


Dan Coker is Maine TNC’s Senior Spatial Scientist, working with all departments at the Maine Chapter to create and implement tools and analyses that both help TNC decide where and how to work and put critical information in the hands of communities as they grapple with the effects of our changing climate.  He is responsible for all spatial data analysis, management, and publication within the Maine chapter. In addition, he serves as a GIS liaison with state and regional partner organizations. One example of Dan’s current work is the development of a comprehensive spatially-explicit system to measure the effectiveness of TNC’s freshwater strategies in Maine. 

Thanks to Dan, the Conservancy can provide compelling information to decision makers and inspiring maps and graphics to supporters. Before joining TNC in 2002, he was GIS Manager at the Maine Natural Areas Program. He holds a Master of Science degree in Wildlife Biology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology.

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