North America Natural Climate Solutions Director
Cathy Macdonald, North America Natural Climate Solutions Director © Mitch Maxson

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Catherine Macdonald

Natural Climate Solutions Director, North America


  • Catherine Macdonald

    North America Natural Climate Solutions Director

How quickly we act to reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions will have profound effects on the health and prosperity of businesses, communities and ecosystems around the world.


Catherine Macdonald is the North America Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) Director for The Nature Conservancy. Prior to this role, Catherine was the Director of Policy and External Affairs, Director of Conservation Programs and Director of Science and Stewardship for The Nature Conservancy in Oregon. As NCS Director, Catherine leads our work in the US and Canada to protect carbon and increase sequestration in natural and working lands. Catherine currently serves as Vice Chair of the Oregon Global Warming Commission and is a member of the Carbon Policy Office’s Natural and Working Lands Work Group and the Oregon Department of Forestry’s Forest Carbon Policy Stakeholder Work Group.

Catherine has a Bachelor of Science degree from Humboldt State University and a Master of Science from Oregon State University. In 2005, Catherine was nominated by the City of Eugene and received the Environmental Law Institute’s National Wetland Conservation and Restoration award.

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