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Carrie Parmenter

Lower Wabash Project Director

Mt. Vernon, Indiana

Carrie Parmenter, Lower Wabash Project Director for TNC.

Carrie Parmenter Carrie Parmenter, Lower Wabash River Project DIrector © Fauna Creative

Area of Expertise

Sustainable Agricultural Practices, Freshwater

Media Contact

Chip Sutton


Carrie Parmenter spent her childhood surrounded by farm fields in a small town in Southeast Illinois on the Wabash River. Growing up on the family farm, she learned the importance of stewardship by watching her father and grandfather practice conservation farming.

Her passion for the environment led her to pursue higher education at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri, where she earned a degree in Agriculture with an emphasis in Natural Resource Conservation. She spent over a decade working for local Soil and Water Conservation Districts in Southwest Indiana before joining The Nature Conservancy (TNC).

Carrie's wealth of experience laid the foundation for her transition to TNC’s watershed work. Her local connections and diverse skill set, ranging from implementing watershed plans to providing environmental education, have positioned her as a valuable asset in the organization's efforts to protect and restore the natural landscapes along the Wabash River in southwestern Indiana.

Carrie’s current role positions her at the forefront of a critical mission – restoring floodplains along the lower Wabash River. Recognizing the importance of these natural areas for biodiversity, water quality and flood control, she employs her agricultural knowledge to implement sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and local communities.

Carrie and her husband Ryan live in Mt. Vernon, Indiana where they raised their three sons. Her love for the outdoors extends beyond her work, as she enjoys spending time hiking, kayaking and gardening. Additionally, she enjoys exploring new places and serving on international mission trips.

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