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Bryan Emerson

Mitigation Program Manager, Maine


Bryan Emerson smiles in a portrait in an office.

Bryan Emerson Bryan is the Mitigation Program Manager for The Nature Conservancy in Maine. © Phoebe Parker

Areas of Expertise

Wetland ecology, wetland and stream restoration, natural resource permitting, invasive species


Bryan Emerson

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Jeremy Cluchey
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Bryan is TNC Maine’s Mitigation Program Manager and primarily oversees TNC's administration of the Maine Natural Resource Conservation Program (MNRCP), a statewide In Lieu Fee Program that helps restore and preserve wetlands to offset the impacts of development in the state. In this role, Bryan works collaboratively with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to manage an annual grant funding round for wetland restoration and conservation projects. Bryan is working on expanding efforts to reach new prospective applicants for the program and deepening TNC’s support for wetland restoration and enhancement projects. He works with grant applicants to identify wetland conservation and restoration projects, provides guidance through the grant application process, coordinates the application reviews with state and federal agencies, and assists with implementation of projects that are awarded funding. MNRCP is widely viewed as a successful program in the state, region and country.

Bryan is also engaged with TNC Maine’s other mitigation work, including review and analysis of mitigation plans for significant state projects and planning for new and enhanced mitigation efforts for other high value resources in the state.  Bryan has engaged with TNC’s mitigation efforts nationwide, working with other chapters and program leads to expand TNC’s mitigation practice and catalyze new mitigation markets.

“Development is going to continue in Maine, and the mitigation process is critical to ensuring that development does not negatively affect the state’s valuable natural resources," Says Bryan. "Mitigation starts with avoidance and minimization, and all efforts should be made to avoid and minimize impacts as part of any development. But for those impacts that cannot be avoided, high-quality, science-based compensation is critical to make sure that the natural resources in our state are protected and restored. I enjoy the blend of science and policy that is involved in mitigation efforts, and I’m proud of the fact that MNRCP is viewed as one of the most successful In Lieu Fee programs in the country.”

Prior to joining TNC, Bryan was an environmental consultant with Stantec in Topsham, Maine, where he worked as a project manager and project scientist for 12 years. Bryan worked with a wide variety of clients, ranging from private homeowners to national renewable energy companies, and managed projects including commercial developments, wind-energy developments, and multi-state pipelines. Bryan has extensive experience with wetland restoration design, state and federal natural resource permitting, mitigation site monitoring, wetland and natural resource surveys, and invasive species management. Prior to working with Stantec, Bryan lived in Seattle and worked for a small consulting firm managing a range of ecological restoration projects. Bryan is a certified Professional Wetland Scientist, a Certified Master Pesticide Applicator, and has a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Vermont.

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