TNC Managing Director
Alison Rowe TNC Managing Director © Kristian Gehradte

Our People

Alison Rowe

Managing Director, Australia



    Leadership, Strategy, Energy, Climate Change, Community Development, Infrastructure


Over the last two decades Alison has dedicated herself to environmental sustainability, including global responsibility for strategy development, delivering transformation programs, commercialising new busines models, community development and advocacy.

Across her work in energy, transport, infrastructure and technology in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, Alison has led with a strong focus on values, relationships and collaborative partnerships.

Alison is the Chair of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council Australia. and has held Non-Executive Director positions at the Future Business Council,  Bioregional Australia, Climate Alliance, Environment Victoria and One in Five.

She completed the Business and Environment program through Cambridge University, holds an MBA, a Post Graduate Diploma in Technology Management and is a Williamson Fellow. 

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