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Ailene Ettinger

Quantitative Ecologist


Ailene Ettinger.

Ailene Ettinger Ailene Ettinger is the quantitative ecologist at The Nature Conservancy in Washington. © Ailene Ettinger/TNC

Area of Expertise

Community ecology, Climate change, Urban ecology


I am a quantitative ecologist at The Nature Conservancy. I earned a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Washington, focusing on community ecology, climate change, and urban ecology. I have broad interests, and have worked in diverse systems ranging from Pacific Northwest forests and tropical bee communities in coffee farms to suburban vernal pool amphibians and killer whales in the Salish Sea. My research toolbox includes field experiments, observational monitoring, meta-analysis, and statistical models. My research on applied conservation problems, such as climate change and urbanization, builds from foundational theory in ecology and employs rigorous analytical methods. Whether at work or at play, I love being outdoors in Washington’s forests, mountains, and seas! Hiking, skiing, camping, and cooking with my family and friends are some of my favorite ways to spend time.

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