Sunset over a river
Dawn over the Mississippi River. © Mark Godfrey/The Nature Conservancy

Companies Investing in Nature

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation

Driving Conservation for Rivers Across North America, Europe and Beyond

Preserving rivers means nothing less than protecting our future. Rivers sustain life for hundreds of millions of people, nourish crops, energize homes and support some of the most diverse and productive ecosystems on the planet. But as the global population climbs toward 9 billion, vital rivers face unprecedented stress. Rising demands for agriculture, industry and drinking water - along with impacts from climate change - are putting rivers at risk.

To support the Conservancy’s efforts to protect rivers, the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation has committed $30 million over five years to find water solutions that work for rivers and the communities that depend on them. Funding will support initiatives focused on saving great rivers in North America and Europe, as well as helping the Conservancy build the business case for protecting watersheds and sustainable river management.

Priority areas include:

  • Mississippi River – Working with farmers, ranchers and communities to reduce excess nutrient runoff entering the river system and Gulf of Mexico.
  • Colorado River - Collaborating with water users to introduce reforms and deploy innovative incentives to conserve water, restore watersheds and improve water quality.
  • Canada - Supporting First Nations and Indigenous communities as they work to increase leadership and authority over decisions regarding natural resources in their traditional areas.  
  • Europe – Creating and implementing a sustainable development model that makes conservation planning an integral part of renewable energy projects on the Western Balkans’ rivers and that supports balanced watershed management decisions for European cities.

In addition to funding on-the-ground work in these crucial locations, support from the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation will help the Conservancy integrate conservation science into decision making and scale-up solutions for global impact. The Conservancy will expand its science-based tools and resources for decision makers, businesses and communities around the world, such as Beyond the Source and the Power of Rivers.