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Rallying Music Fans for Nature.

Waterfall at Ayers Gap

TNC has joined forces with Sounds Right – a new initiative by Museum for the United Nations – UN Live.

A waterfall at Ayers Gap in Franklin, Connecticut. © David Gumbart/TNC

No matter where you live or what you do; whether you consciously realize it or not, we all need nature. The food we eat, the air we breathe, our climate—essentially, everything that makes Earth inhabitable—all depends on the interplay of millions of organisms in diverse ecosystems.

This variety of life – called biodiversity – is declining around the world at an unprecedented rate. Tackling this crisis and loss of biodiversity over the next decade is a massive undertaking, and it involves many collaborators.

Yellow rectangle with bees and honeycomb with the text "Nature. Now Officially an Artist."
Nature. Now Officially an Artist. Sounds Right is an initiative by the Museum for the United Nations UN LIVE. © Sounds Right

To this end, TNC has joined forces with Sounds Right – a new initiative by Museum for the United Nations – UN Live – to encourage music fans around the globe to recognize the value of nature and to inspire them to take action. Specifically, Sounds Right will work with popular artists – such as Ellie Goulding and Tom Walker – to create musical tracks featuring raw nature sounds, incorporating or remixing with nature sounds, or inspired by the natural world to be released on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

By simply listening to a Sounds Right track, global music fans will directly protect nature and join a collective effort to protect our planet. The goal of the initiative is to raise money for conservation efforts in some of the world’s most critical biodiversity hotspots such as the Atlantic Forest and the Tropical Andes.

Biodiversity: The Variety of Life

Biodiversity loss is one of our greatest challenges to date. But by working together, we’re overcoming barriers to the solutions our planet needs.

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