Looking upward into the canopy of southern old growth forest, Marshall Forest Preserve, Georgia.
Marshall Forest Preserve Looking upward into the canopy of southern old growth forest, Marshall Forest Preserve, Georgia. © Byron Jorjorian

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Nature Valley

Supporting Tree Planting Across the U.S.

The Nature Conservancy and Nature Valley are teaming up to support trees. Trees and forests provide many benefits to our planet. They give us clean air to breathe and filter clean water for us to drink. They also help curb climate change by trapping carbon from the atmosphere. TNC is planting trees across the globe through our Plant a Billion Trees program. 

Help Regreen Our Planet

Plant Your Tree

This Earth Day, Nature Valley is supporting the planting of 100,000 trees with TNC's Plant a Billion Trees program.

Join us by planting your own tree to help save our forests! 

Explore the map below to find out where the 100,000 trees will be planted.

Longleaf Pine
These forests benefit people and wildlife. They support our drinking water, provide natural resilience to catastrophic storms, and help sustain the regional economies.
Longleaf Pine
Species-rich longleaf pine forests once stretched across the South, nearly unbroken, from Virginia to Florida to Texas. Today less than 5 percent of these forests remain.
Longleaf Pine
Many species can be found in longleaf pine forests making it one of the most diverse of forests, second to only to tropical rainforests.
Longleaf Pine
TNC is one of the largest private landowners of longleaf pine forests across the nine states and is working to help restore it back to health through tree planting and management.
Northwoods Forest
These forests are world renowned for their biodiversity, recreational, scenic and economic values, and the clean fresh water they supply to the Great Lakes watersheds.

Planting of 100,000 Trees Click on the map above find out more information on these planting sites.

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Grow your own virtual forest by scanning the QR Code on the back of Nature Valley boxes throughout March & April 2019.