in Northern California over a huckleberry tree.
Towering redwoods in Northern California over a huckleberry tree. © Patrick McDonald/TNC Photo Contest 2018

Cause Marketing

Irish Spring

Forests help clean our air, filter our water, cool our planet, support local communities and provide safe habitat for countless wildlife. Committed to helping restore and protect one of Earth’s most precious resources, Irish Spring is collaborating with The Nature Conservancy to support reforestation efforts across the United States including planting locations within TNC’s Plant a Billion Trees campaign—a tree planting initiative with a goal of planting a billion trees across the planet. 

Reforestation helps improve important watersheds that provide clean drinking water and hydroelectricity to millions of people, as well as protection for thousands of species of native plants and animals. Plant a Billion Trees has planted more than 84 million trees globally and is restoring U.S. forests across nine states.

In addition to their contribution to TNC, Irish Spring is launching a retail promotion with Ibotta in Walmart stores across the country to help educate consumers about the importance of protecting and restoring forests. The promotion, which runs throughout the month of October 2020, aims to boost customer awareness about the value of forests and offers consumers the opportunity to plant a Colorado Blue Spruce, a tree native to the United States, in their own community via plantable paper when a shopper purchases three bottles of Irish Spring body wash. For more details, please see in-store displays at Walmart. Purchases during the promotion do not increase the contribution to TNC; Irish Spring has committed $100,000 to support the Conservancy’s reforestation efforts.

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Did you know?

  • Forests help sustain all life on Earth
  • Forests cover 31% of the global land area
  • More than half of the world's forests are found in only five countries (Brazil, Canada, China, Russia, and the U.S.)