Flooded rice fields at sunset in Colusa, California.
Sunset in Colusa Flooded rice fields at sunset in Colusa, California. © Drew Kelly

Cause Marketing

Cascadian Farm

Rethinking Agricultural Practices to Benefit People and Nature

Wetlands, open fresh water, and other wild spaces in the central valley of California have been reduced 95% in the past hundred years in order to allow for agricultural development. While converting these wild lands to farmlands has helped with food production, these changes have also resulted in dramatically less groundwater, fewer shorebirds, and higher risk of flooding in local communities.

Committed to helping the health of our planet through farming practices, Cascadian Farm is working with The Nature Conservancy to support our work to improve agricultural practices in California’s central valley.

By encouraging farmers to carefully shallow-flood their fields after the harvest, we can help make the farmland useful to both people and nature. With well-planned flooding practices, we can use otherwise dormant farmland to:

  1. Help nature replenish water stores underground
  2. Create pop-up bird habitat for shorebirds migrating on the Pacific Flyway, offering them a place to rest and refuel
  3. Make more room in water reservoirs, helping prevent flooding in local communities after heavy rains

In addition to their contribution to TNC, Cascadian Farm is promoting the partnership with on-pack storytelling and information about the program on all Cascadian Farm products in 2021 and 2022. Purchases during the promotion do not increase the contribution to TNC; Cascadian Farm has committed $750,000 to support the Conservancy’s agricultural work.