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First Pitches from the Techstars Sustainability Accelerator

August Ritter Managing Director, Agility Lab & Portfolio Management


With the first few weeks of the sustainability accelerator completed, we get the first look at a one-minute “pitch” video from each of the ten companies in the 2019 cohort.

We are halfway through our three-month Techstars Accelerator. The past few weeks, these entrepreneurs have been working tirelessly, meeting with over 90 mentors and subject matter experts from TNC and the Techstars network, doing customer discovery, building relationships, and identifying their next pilot projects. Some of the companies are launching their products, some are using this opportunity to test out other market opportunities, while others are focused on closing as many deals as possible before Demo Day (Oct 30). The clock is ticking, and we are all feeling the pressure. We need more hours in the day!

We are starting pitch practice this week. Over the course of the next six weeks, the ten CEOs will practice different iterations of their pitches over 200 times. It’s an intense process. But the process isn’t just helpful for telling their stories in a compelling way, it’s about articulating their businesses and the opportunities ahead. Going through this pitch practice process (say that 5 times fast) is helpful as it forces the CEOs to think critically about aspects of their businesses – the market pull, assumptions in the business model, their go-to-market strategies and pricing structures etc.

To kick off the second half of our program, the CEOs of each company recorded a one-minute startup pitch of their sustainable technology innovations. It’s a great way for you to get a look into the personalities driving these companies and see a very raw first-look of where they’re starting from.

We will post updated pitches after month two and will broadcast Demo Day live on October 30th, 2019. Stay tuned as we continue along our journey to build a more sustainable future!


One-Minute Pitches from the Techstars Sustainability Accelerator

We invite you to join us in finding ways to help these companies change the world, and help us encourage the best minds of our generation to start putting their innovative energy towards conservation. View the following video pitches below, and spread this message to your networks. Email this post or share it via social media. If you’re building technology to solve our planet’s most important problems, please reach out and talk to our team.

August Ritter August Ritter Introduces the Sustainability Accelerator Companies
2NDNATURE 2NDNATURE provides their one-minute pitch.

2NDNATURE builds stormwater compliance and management software. By embedding its proven science into an enterprise cloud platform, 2NDNATURE helps cities and municipalities accurately measure and improve the quality of urban waterways and streamline compliance. With over $200 million in stormwater assets under management, 2NDNATURE serves over 40 customers across the United States.

Aquaoso Aquaoso provides their one-minute pitch.

AQUAOSO is building a water resilient future through advanced water risk analytics. They help financial institutions, insurers, investors, corporations and policy makers identify, understand, monitor and mitigate water risk through their software platform.                         

Bext360 Allison Bext360 Allison provides their one-minute pitch.
Bext360 Dan Bext360 Dan provides their one-minute pitch.

Bext360 provides comprehensive and measurable accountability for critical supply chains like coffee, seafood, timber, minerals, cotton and palm oil. The SaaS platform provides a traceable fingerprint from producer to consumer using blockchain and quantifiable sustainability measurements.

Gybe Gybe provides their one-minute pitch.

The health and quality of freshwater basins, rivers, estuaries and coastal areas are under increased pressure due to human activity and climate change. Gybe uses satellite imagery and proprietary ground-based hardware to transform the management, conservation, and restoration of aquatic ecosystems.

Mammoth Trading Mammoth Trading provides their one-minute pitch.

Agriculture accounts for 70 percent of water consumption worldwide, and yet it’s among the least digitized sectors of the global economy which limits growers, regulators, and conservation groups. With Mammoth Trading's software, TAPP H2O, agricultural producers can easily track and trade water allocations, submit regulatory compliance documentation, and quantify conservation practices.

Microterra Microterra provides their one-minute pitch.

The biggest pollutant of fresh water worldwide is agriculture. microTERRA uses advanced biotechnology and IoT to convert the excess nutrients in agricultural runoff into a high-quality protein that can feed livestock.

Mobius Mobius provides their one-minute pitch.

Over 300 million tons of carbon is lost annually as waste from food, forestry, and agriculture. mobius is converting this waste into value using green chemistry and biology, creating biodegradable plastics and platform chemicals for applications in agriculture and beyond.

Nori Nori provides their one-minute pitch.

Nori is a marketplace for reversing climate change. They enable companies to pay for removing CO2 from the atmosphere through more sustainable farming practices that improve soil conditions and ensure we can still grow food in 50 years. Nori makes it possible to fix the food system and pull CO2 out of the air.

Propagate Ventures Propagate Ventures provides their one-minute pitch.

Propagate Ventures is an agroforestry investment platform focused on bridging the capital and operational needs to integrate tree crops into farmland. Their agroforestry analytics and project development tools support farmers in the design, implementation, and management of tree-crop systems to increase farm profitability and ecological capacity.

Regen Network Regen Network provides their one-minute pitch.

Regen Network is a digital platform that connects farmers, brands, and institutions to make regenerative ecological agreements based on verifiable data so that we can rapidly accelerate the adoption of regenerative agriculture and conservation, and reverse global climate change.

August Ritter is Managing Director, Agility Lab & Portfolio Management. Formerly he held the role of TNC Program Director, Techstars Sustainability Accelerator.