A kayak on a bright blue river running through parklands.
El Rancho Cima Kayaking along the Blanco River in Texas Hill Country. © Christopher Zebo

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Speak Up For Nature in Texas

November 4, 2020

Update: PROP A has passed by a 69.5% margin! 

Texans in Hays County showed up and spoke out for nature, and as a result, $75 million in bond funding will be committed to county parks and open spaces to protect clean drinking water, safeguard outdoor spaces, and preserve Central Texas for future generations. This includes funding for Hays County to purchase historic El Rancho Cima, which TNC Texas acquired last November, for future use as a public park and preserve.


The Nature Conservancy in Texas is committed to protecting drinking water and preserving outdoor spaces. Vote yes on Prop A to protect our natural resources this November.

This election, Texans will vote to fund open spaces and protect clean drinking water for future generations.

What is PROP A?

Proposition A will appear on the ballot in Hays County and if passed, will fund a $75 million parks and open spaces bond. The bond would provide funds for projects previously submitted by organizations and municipalities.


  • Protect clean drinking water. Prop A will invest in water quality projects around the county to ensure our drinking water is safe and clean.
  • Protect our outdoor spacesHays County is one of the fastest growing areas in Texas and in the entire nation, making land and water protection a significant priority.
  • Preserve Central Texas for future generations. Texas is seeing a rise in population faster than that of any other state, putting enormous pressure on natural resources. To ensure that future generations can experience the beauty of Texas, we need to act now to preserve land and wildlife.

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