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A river winds around concrete buildings, lined with green trees and flowers.
The Power of Nature The San Antonio River winds its way through downtown San Antonio. © Sean Pavone

Nature is often viewed as an escape from the human-made environments of our cities and communities. But gray and green development don’t have to exist in separate worlds. Nature is one of our oldest forms of infrastructure, and the Lone Star State is home to nearly every habitat imaginable. Wetlands, coastal marshes, grasslands, floodplains, aquifers and forests—these diverse forms of natural infrastructure have provided a range of benefits to people and nature, from the piney woods of the Big Thicket to the jagged mountains of the Trans Pecos.

Today, nature—including natural areas and nature-based systems that integrate nature's benefits into urban landscapes—remains one of the best solutions to help meet the state’s growing needs for clean water and air, access to green space and safe community development. And in Texas, where natural beauty is a source of state pride, our natural infrastructure also preserves our unique character while creating a more sustainable and resilient future for all Texans.

Finding Solutions in Nature

From absorbing floodwaters to cleaning our air, nature does it all.

Nature — Texas' #1 Developer

Help us make nature the norm when it comes to development in the Lone Star State.