Walls of Jericho, protected in 2004
Walls of Jericho The Nature Conservancy protected the Walls of Jericho property in 2004. © Byron Jorjorian

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40th Anniversary

Celebrate with us. We've saved a place for you. Dozens actually.

December 2, 2018 marked The Nature Conservancy's 40th anniversary of conserving nature in Tennessee. Since 1978, we have helped to create or expand 30 State Natural Areas, 13 Wildlife Management Areas and 3 National Wildlife Refuges in Tennessee. 

Conserving nature in Tennessee over four decades has provided the opportunity to cultivate skills that make it possible to pursue larger scale and more complex projects than ever before. 

Read the Governor's proclamation marking the occasion. Then, check out some highlights from our journey of protecting nature in Tennessee. 

Thank you for suppoprting The Nature Conservancy's work in Tennessee. Our 40th Anniversary represents an opportunity to reflect on what we have learned and determine how to tackle environmental issues that are more significant and complex than ever before.

Time is of the essence. But we are up for the challenge. However, it is important to recognize the true urgency of our work in a world that is projected to have more than nine billion people by 2050.

Land and a Lot More

  • Tennessee Conservation Accomplishments Infographic

    Land and a Lot More

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Protecting nature—and providing water, food and energy to a growing population—are no longer mutually exclusive goals. Addressing these together are paramount to sustaining life on Earth.

Can we design a future that meets people’s basic needs without further degrading the planet? Yes! But doing so will require collaborating across traditionally disconnected sectors within society, including public health, development and finance. Also, this work must occur at an unprecedented scale with little time to waste.

We look forward to sharing more with you about new partnerships and evolving ways of equally balancing the needs for food, water and energy with protecting nature. First, it begins organizing our work around the following four priorities:

  • Protecting Land and Water
  • Tackling Climate Change
  • Providing Food and Water Sustainably
  • Building Healthy Cities

Learn more in our Winter 2018 issue of Tennessee Field Notes and in our annual impact report.

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