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Fishers Island Oyster Farm Workers at Fishers Island Oyster Farm examining oyster cages. © TNC

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The Shellfish Growers Climate Coalition

A partnership between shellfish growers on both the East Coast and the West Coast in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy.

Human impact on the Earth's climate system is well-documented, and it's happening right now. The founding farmers of the SGCC recognize that climate change and carbon pollution pose a range of threats to their businesses and to food production more generally.

 Members of the SGCC agree that:

  • Human impact on the Earth’s climate system is well documented, scientifically understood and profound.
  • Taking action to address climate change is imperative to secure the viability of our businesses, our communities, and the natural resources they depend upon.
  • Improving people’s understanding of climate change and its impact on our businesses represent an important way to promote and enact climate policies that guide America to a low carbon future. 

The SGCC is committed to shining a light on how climate change is already affecting food production in the United States, and using the stories of shellfish growers and other businesses endangered by climate change as a way to start a broader conversation about the urgent need for climate action. Consumers care about where their food comes from, and whether the foods they love will continue to be available to them. We want more policy makers to recognize that it is not just jobs and the communities they support at stake as a result of climate change, but whether or not we will be able to feed a growing human population.


Join: The SGCC welcomes new business members. Climate change affects not only shellfish growers, but wholesalers, restaurants and others in the food industry. Your company’s participation in the Coalition is vital to demonstrate to the public and to lawmakers that our industry is deeply concerned not just about its prosperity, but its very survival, and that climate change is of concern not just to those who grow and consume shellfish, but everyone.

To join, contact Sally McGee of The Nature Conservancy. smcgee@tnc.org

Learn: A big part of the SGCC’s mission is education –  learn about climate change, ocean acidification, shellfish farms and most importantly, what you can do to help. Watch our video about how climate change affects the industry and what the Coalition is doing about it.”

Support: SGCC is grateful to all its members, and especially to its non-profit partner, The Nature Conservancy. You can support the work of the coalition by reaching out to Sally McGee of The Nature Conservancy. smcgee@tnc.org



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