Hunting on Zumwalt Prairie Preserve

What You Need to Know

Hunters dressed in camouflage hike across a golden prairie at sunrise at Zumwalt Prairie Preserve.
Zumwalt Prairie Hunting is a conservation management tool © Max Whittaker

Elk are an integral species on the Zumwalt Prairie Preserve and we work to ensure the health of both the herd and their habitat.

Hunting is an important management tool that not only promotes species diversity but maintains the important social and cultural platforms that hunting provides. TNC provides limited hunting opportunities designed to benefit the land and provide world-class backcountry hunting experiences to the community.

A hunter stands looking through her binoculars during an elk hunt at Zumwalt Prairie Preserve.
Zumwalt Prairie Preserve Chelsea Cassens hunts on Zumwalt Prairie © Max Whittaker

Antlerless Elk Hunts

The 2022 Zumwalt Hunt Lottery is now closed. Hunters may record their experiences using the Success Response Form Here

Antlerless elk hunts are administered in cooperation with Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW). Please note the changes to access allocations as well check-in station time changes (see hunt rules PDFs above). We will not be accepting late/walk-in additions to the permission list in 2022. Hunters MUST apply online via the lottery. The application period will be from June 1 to July 31.

TNC is hosting a limited number of antlerless elk hunters on the Zumwalt Prairie Preserve during the following 2022 hunts: 

  • Chesnimnus Unit Bow 258R1 (antlerless only)—5 hunters
  • Chesnimnus Unit Bow 258R2 (antlerless only)—5 hunters
  • Chesnimnus Unit Youth Hunt 258T—258T tag holders have access priority
  • Zumwalt no 1 (258A1)—10 hunters
  • Zumwalt no 2 (258A2)—10 hunters
  • 258A3—0 hunters (due to season dates conflicting with buck deer season)
  • 258A4—20 hunters
  • 258A5—20 hunters

Lottery Details

Hunters holding a tag from ODFW for one of the above hunts may enter a lottery for a chance to hunt antlerless elk in the Zumwalt Prairie Preserve. The TNC access lottery will be open for entries from June 1 to July 31. 

This is a non-motorized, backcountry hunting opportunity which may not be suitable for all hunters. The Zumwalt Preserve’s rugged terrain and limited access make the property a challenging and strenuous area to hunt. 

For more information, contact Chad Dotson, Zumwalt Project Steward at chad.dotson@tnc.org

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