Hunting on Zumwalt Prairie Preserve

What You Need to Know

Hunters dressed in camouflage hike across a golden prairie at sunrise at Zumwalt Prairie Preserve.
Zumwalt Prairie Hunting is a conservation management tool. © Max Whittaker

Elk are an integral species on the Zumwalt Prairie Preserve and we work to ensure the health of both the herd and their habitat.

Hunting is an important management tool that not only promotes species diversity but maintains the important social and cultural platforms that hunting provides. TNC provides limited hunting opportunities designed to benefit the land and provide world-class backcountry hunting experiences to the community.

A hunter stands looking through her binoculars during an elk hunt at Zumwalt Prairie Preserve.
Zumwalt Prairie Preserve Chelsea Cassens hunts on Zumwalt Prairie. © Max Whittaker

Antlerless Elk Hunts

The 2024 Zumwalt Hunt Lottery is open through July 31, 2024. Apply Today

Antlerless elk hunts are administered in cooperation with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW). ODFW administers all Zumwalt Subunit tags. The TNC lottery is for permission to access The Nature Conservancy’s owned Zumwalt Prairie Preserve (ZPP) once you have drawn a tag for the Zumwalt Subunit. Hunters MUST apply for permission to access TNC’s Zumwalt Prairie Preserve via the online lottery after first drawing a Zumwalt A1, A2, A4, 258T, or 258R (antlerless only on TNC) tag from ODFW.

The lottery will remain open from July 1 - July 31. Please do not apply for the TNC lottery until you have drawn a tag through the ODFW draw. REMEMBER, TNC is one of many landowners within the Zumwalt Subunit. There are many other landowners within the subunit. Please reach out to ODFW in Enterprise, OR, for more information on additional places to hunt.

Non-Lead Ammunition

Eagles, hawks and humans can all be poisoned by lead. The bodies of animals shot with lead ammunition often contain toxic, microscopic lead fragments far from the initial point of entry and a lead fragment the size of a grain of rice is enough to kill an adult bald eagle. As stewards, hunters and re-loaders we understand the cost and effort to switch ammunition, but if you are able, we would greatly appreciate it if you could hunt with non-lead here on the Zumwalt. For more information visit huntingwithnonlead.org.

Lottery Details

Historically, ODFW designed these hunts as a management tool to lower elk herd numbers on the greater Zumwalt Prairie. Over a decade of antlerless elk hunting, elk numbers have come down to manageable numbers for coexistence with cattle, wildlife and bunchgrass resources. As such, TNC has moved from a herd reduction model to a herd maintenance approach.

For 2024, TNC will host a limited number of antlerless elk hunters:

  • 258A1 – 10 Hunters
  • 258A2 – 10 Hunters
  • 258A3 – 0 Hunters
  • 258A4 – 20 Hunters
  • 258T Youth Hunters will have access priority. 258T tag holders please contact Mike Beachy for more details.
  • 258R – 2 hunters (antlerless elk only on TNC)

Please note, this is a non-motorized, backcountry hunt in potentially rugged terrain, which may not be suitable for all hunters. For more information, contact Mike Beachy, Zumwalt Preserve steward, at mike.beachy@tnc.org.

Protect Zumwalt Prairie Preserve

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