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40th Anniversary

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Cebolla Canyon A crew of biology field technicians in Santa Fe National Forest. © Karine Aigner
Celebrating 40 years of conservation in New Mexico.
40th Anniversary Celebrating 40 years of conservation in New Mexico. © Jon Ferland

40 Years of Conservation in New Mexico

We are celebrating the 40th anniversary of our New Mexico Chapter. Looking back over our conservation accomplishments of the past four decades, it is gratifying to see that our program has shown both a tremendous continuity of purpose and the ability to strategically innovate.

Our chapter has had a profound, tangible and lasting impact both in and beyond New Mexico through a number of successful, collaborative and innovative projects, such as:

  • Acquiring the 220,000-acre Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge
  • Purchasing the 320,000-acre Gray Ranch (now Diamond A Ranch)
  • Protecting the 50,000-acre Rancho El Uno in Chihuahua, Mexico
  • Managing tens of thousands of acres and five miles of river at the Gila Riparian Preserve
  • Leading the Rio Grande Water Fund, a collaborative project that will impact 600,000 acres of forest in northern New Mexico
  • Launching the Albuquerque Urban Conservation Program, where we are engaging and inspiring youth and planting trees to keep neighborhoods cool and reduce air pollution

We are grateful to you for making this conservation work possible. None of our successes would be possible without your generous ongoing support.

Let's Celebrate!

We’re excited to be celebrating our 40th Anniversary with events scheduled throughout the year. Join us for a guided hike at one of our preserves, find opportunities to connect with nature in the city, and join us for movies and music all summer long in the Santa Fe Railyard.

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Wetlands at Valles Caldera New Mexico’s Rio Grande and its tributaries supply water to more than half of New Mexico’s population. © Alan Eckert Photography