Trail runs through springtime plants in green forest.
Time to explore Green's Bluff is just one of TNC's preserves awaiting you. © Matt Williams

Stories in Indiana

Spring into spring!

Feed your soul at a TNC preserve.

A spring visit to a nature preserve gives you the opportunity to watch the earth wake up and see the plants poke through the ground. At preserves such as Big Walnut, Rabbit Hash Glade and Kankakee Sands, the quietness of winter is replaced by the chirps, tweets and chattering of the returning birds. You can smell the damp earth as well as the subtle scent of spring blossoms.

But getting out into nature does more than entertain your senses. What you are seeing, hearing and experiencing can impact your mood, changing it from depressed, stressed and anxious to more calm and balanced. In our age of constant distraction, a hike up the sandstone cliffs at Green’s Bluff Nature Preserve or a walk through the restored Kankakee Sands prairie can help calm your mind. 

Our TNC stewards and volunteers maintain and improve the land at our preserves, so that nature can flourish and Hoosiers can be moved and inspired. TNC envisions a world where people and nature thrive together. You are invited to visit one of our flagship preserves this spring to take in a bit of the nurturing that nature has to offer you.

Whether you call it forest bathing, ecotherapy or green time, your mind and body benefit from a journey to nature. With TNC’s preserves located throughout the state, you’re never too far from a healthy dose.

Start planning your nature fix!

Places in Indiana to Explore

  • Creek runs through lush green forest.

    Central West: Big Walnut

    Just an hour west of Indianapolis, Big Walnut - and particularly the Tall Timbers Trail - makes for a memorable visit. Learn more about Big Walnut

  • Creek runs through lush green forest.

    Southwest Central: Green's Bluff

    A new trail, new pollinator plantings and new interpretive signage await you at scenic Green's Bluff. Learn more about Green's Bluff

  • Preserve sign in colorful forest in autumn.

    South Central: Hitz-Rhodehamel Woods

    Brown County is THE autumn destination in Indiana, but TNC's Hitz-Rhodehamel Woods will delight you any time of year. Learn more about Hitz-Rhodehamel Woods

  • Mother bison and calf roam a green prairie.

    Northwest: Kankakee Sands

    With several nature trails and our ever-growing bison herd, Kankakee Sands is a must-see destination! Learn more about Kankakee Sands

  • Family and 2 dogs on a trail looks into forest.

    East: Cope Environmental Center

    Cope's miles of hiking trails meandering through hardwood forests, grasslands, prairies, wetlands, and two ponds means year-round beauty. Learn more about Cope

  • A small child in a pink blouse holds a green leaf in front of her face.

    Getting Kids in Nature

    Wanna get your kids into the great outdoors, but not sure how? Check out our new guide on best practices for connecting kids to nature. Download Now

To help make your visit safe and comfortable, please consult the Conservancy’s Preserve Visitation Guidelines.