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Our World Illinois Campaign

The world we depend on depends on us - and you can double your impact.

A volunteer holds a native plant during a rain garden installation.
Volunteering is one of many ways to give back to nature. © Sandy Bressner

Our population is growing fast: By 2050, nine billion people will live on Earth. This growth is taking its toll on our natural resources. If we don’t address the impact on the environment, nature will not be able to sustain us.

 The Nature Conservancy launched its Our World fundraising campaign in 2015 with a goal of raising $7 billion globally to address the most pressing conservation issues for nature and people: land, water, cities and climate. The Illinois chapter will raise $110 million for this effort and with the support of generous donors like you, we have raised 90 percent of that goal. Your support today will help put us over the finish line.  

Donate Now

And now through June 30, 2020, a generous anonymous donor will match your contribution. Help protect nature today and for future generations! When you make a symbolic gift to the Our World campaign, you are supporting TNC's general mission.

  • Bison herd at Nachusa Grasslands.

    $50 Donation

    Helps our mission today by funding important needs such as vaccinations and DNA testing for bison at Nachusa Grasslands. Donate Now

  • River otter

    $100 Donation

    Your contribution could be used for a camera and other equipment to detect river otters at Emiquon. Donate Now

  • The Brightside Organization, The Nature Conservancy, UPS and Brown-Forman partnered to plant 150 trees at Shawnee Park in Louisville, Kentucky.

    $250 Donation

    Your donation can help fund the supplies we need now, such as tools for TNC volunteer work days. Donate Now

  • eCatch is an electronic logbook and online mapping system developed by the Conservancy.

    $500 Donation

    Necessary lab and research equipment are purchased through contributions like yours. Donate Now

  • TNC's Judy Dunscomb (r) and DCR's Rebecca Wilson (l) at the May, 2017 controlled burn at Virginia's Piney Grove Preserve.

    $5,000 Donation

    Nomex fire suits keep our prescribed fire crews safe. Your donation helps with essential gear and more. Donate Now

Track Our Progress

Each donation brings us closer to our goal of $10 million for this final phase of the campaign. As we meet each milestone along the way, we'll color in the flower below to keep you posted on how far we've come thanks to your generous support. Watch the flower grow as we make progress toward our goal of $10 million!

An infographic that shows funds raised for the Our World campaign.
Sawtooth Sunflower As we meet each fundraising milestone we'll color in the corresponding flower. © Scott Schiller

Why Give to Illinois?

The environmental problems facing nature and people today are solvable, and the Prairie State is a key place to begin this journey. What happens in Illinois reverberates throughout our region and around the world. As one of the country’s agricultural and shipping leaders with proximity to two of the country’s greatest freshwater resources, our state is an economic powerhouse that supports local, regional and global economies. The changes we make here can help blaze a sustainable path for all.

An infographic that shows Illinois as a center of agriculture and commerce.
Why Give? The environmental problems facing nature and people today are solvable, and the Prairie State is a key place to begin this journey. © TNC
Why I Support TNC Hear why Lieutenant Colonel Osterberg donates to protect our world for both people and nature.

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