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Borderlands Brewery Celebrates OktoberForest!

"We can't make good beer without good water."

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We here at Borderlands are passionate about our community. It's why we so often partner with the non-profit sector in Tucson to support the institutions that make our community a better place to live.

Nevertheless, our core mission is to make outstanding beer. To do that we need water, and lots of it. This year we are slated to produce about 1,200 barrels or about 38,000 gallons of beer, and for every gallon of beer that's made it takes about 3 gallons of water. That's why water is so important to us. And, it's essential for life and civilization.

This need for water becomes even more stark in our desert home. The Colorado River that provides most of the drinking water for the desert Southwest, Colorado and California will likely be unable to provide for the water needs of that gigantic population within 50 years. That's why we are doing what we can now to avoid the worst consequences of the coming water crisis. It's why our President, Mike, serves on the advisory council and outreach committees of Conserve2Enhance, a local water conservation organization dedicated to conserving water and improving riparian habitat. It's why Landon, our brewer, conserves water at home, and captures rainwater to irrigate his garden and yard. It's why we participated in the AZ Purewater Brew Challenge, because using reclaimed water is likely going to be an essential part of Arizona's water future and it's our responsibility to help people accept that.

But most of all we can't make good beer without good water and it's why we're so passionate about that too.


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