Glacier Bay Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. © Melissa Machonis

Stories in Alaska

Tackling Climate Change in Alaska

Broad Support for More Action in the 49th State

Climate change may be the most important challenge humanity has ever faced. In Alaska, the effects of a warming climate are happening now and affecting the lives of people across the state.

The Nature Conservancy believes we are all part of the solution. With your help, we’re working to innovate and share cutting-edge science while building collective action in strategic ways.

As Alaska grapples with climate change issues, there are many approaches that merit consideration, investment, and action. The Nature Conservancy in Alaska is conducting a listening tour with thought leaders on climate issues. We have interviewed commercial fishermen and Alaska Native elders; hosted roundtable discussions on climate with leaders from industry, academic and government sectors; and most recently conducted a poll on climate with Alaskan voters.
These highlights from polling in the spring of 2017 show what is top of mind for Alaskans.