Tent Camping on ice. © Paxson Woelber

Board of Trustees

Chair: Stephen Murphy
Vice Chair: Karen King
Vice Chair: Melanie Baca Osborne
Secretary: Robert Osborne
Treasurer: Adam Gibbons
Randal Buckendorf
Lori Davey
Mike Johnson
David Klein, PhD
Mark Kroloff
Joseph Marushack

Peter Mjos, MD
H. Charles Price
Brian Rogers
Susan L. Ruddy
Russell Dick
Greta Schuerch
John Springsteen
Stephen Trimble
Bob Waldrop
David Wight
T. Henry Wilson
Kim Sollien

Corporate Council on the Environment

Corporate Catalysts - $50,000+
ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc.
Spawn Ideas

Corporate Leaders - $25,000+
Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air
Petroleum News

Corporate Partners - $10,000+
The Chariot Group

Corporate Members - $1,000+
49th State Brewing Co.
ABR Inc.
Alaska Wildland Adventures Inc.
Allen Marine
Bristol Bay Native Corp.
Chugach Alaska Corp.
Denali National Park Wilderness Centers Ltd.
Icy Strait Point
Pacific Star Energy
Price Gregory International Inc.

in Alaska.
Fox Kits in Alaska. © Bob Waldrop

Legacy Club

The Legacy Club is a unique group of Nature Conservancy supporters who've elected to move beyond membership to provide a lasting commitment to nature. Theirs is a legacy to future generations: by making a life-income gift with the Conservancy or naming the Conservancy as a beneficiary in their estate plans, they will continue to advance conservation beyond their lifetime.

The following individuals joined the Legacy Club in Alaska in 2017. Thank you to each and every one of our Legacy Club members for their dedication to safeguarding Alaska's lands and waters for nature and people.

M. Syndonia Bret-Harte
Caitlin Hedberg
Dr. John N. and Gerda A. Trent

in Alaska
Snowy River in Alaska © Lance Nesbitt

Quote: David Klein

I serve on the Board of Trustees for The Nature Conservancy in Alaska because I believe in and support their work, and I'm able to play a role in assuring that science underlies their efforts.

Trustee for TNC in Alaska and Emeritus Professor of Wildlife Ecology

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