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The Nature Conservancy in Alaska

A small red dinghy is dwarfed by the rocky shoreline of Hawadax Island.
Hawadax Island The rocky shore of Hawadax Island in Alaska. © Island Conservation

Make a Difference in Alaska

We work in communities to help nature and people. In Alaska, where people and the natural world are so inextricably linked, our approach helps create lasting results. All across the 49th State, The Nature Conservancy is at work protecting the Alaska we know and love.

Bristol Bay, Alaska: America’s Salmon Stronghold (3:39) This is a place of water, home to half the world’s wild sockeye salmon. Every summer, tens of millions of salmon return to these waters, creating a huge pulse of life. Yet the largest open-pit mine ever proposed for North America—the Pebble Mine—puts it all at risk.
Fog-shrouded, snowy mountains in the background with a placid body of water in foreground.
WILD A wild Alaska river. © Alaska Wildland Adventures

A Vision for Nature and People in Alaska

The choices we make today will shape the future ahead. For concise summaries of the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for The Nature Conservancy in Alaska, we invite you to read our Case for Support and Strategic Plan.

Conservation Policy Goals for The Nature Conservancy in Alaska

We work across borders, across sectors and with local partners to protect the lands and waters on which all life depends. We stand committed to a nonpartisan approach.