Stories in Alabama

A Campaign for Our Alabama

waterfalls over a rocky terrain.

Cahaba. Paint Rock. Walls of Jericho. Little River Canyon.

Talladega. Splinter Hill Bog. Mobile-Tensaw. The Gulf.

Alabama’s rivers and streams, marshes, forests, coasts, and mountains are the beating heart of a biologically diverse landscape like none other on Earth.

Our Alabama, The Nature Conservancy’s $25-million campaign for conservation, offers innovative and practical solutions to address the challenges facing our waters, our lands, and our coast.

Protecting Alabama

Learn how we protect Alabama today, and what we plan to do tomorrow.


Our state is the center of the world’s biological diversity of freshwater invertebrates and the continental center of diversity for many other plants and animals. There are hundreds of species in Alabama that are found nowhere else on Earth.

This is our Alabama, and it is time for nature to depend on us. It is time to protect more of these places, more of our fresh water, and more clean air so that we, and the plant and animals that live here with us, can continue to enjoy these resources.

We must address the unprecedented pressure we are placing on our natural world. From the water, air, and food we need for life to the resources that provide recreation and energy, our ability to thrive and prosper depends on the choices we make right now.

You can help us with the critical work of conservation in Alabama.

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