Pauline McKean

Latin America Conservation Council Project Manager


Headshot of Pauline McKean.

Pauline McKean Latin America Conservation Council Project Manager © Courtesy Pauline McKean


Project Management; Monitoring and Evaluation; Sustainable Development; IPLC


Pauline has over 20 years of multi-sector experience in international development through her work with INGOs, conservation organizations, and in global education where she taught topics such as SDGs, gender and development, and migration and refugees - both in the classroom and with study abroad programs which focused on collaborations with IPLCs. She joins TNC as the Project Director for the Latin America Conservation Council.

A seasoned project and program manager, Pauline has extensive experience living and working in diverse cultural contexts, including several years living in Ecuador where she worked with several conservation organizations, developing a passion for that sector. Pauline has a BA in both Economics and International Relations with a Minor in Latin American Studies and recently completed her MA at Clark University in International Development with a concentration in sustainable development and monitoring and evaluation.  She also holds a diploma in International Humanitarian Assistance from Fordham University.

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