Juan Pablo del Valle Perochena

LACC CO-CHAIR, Chairman, Orbia, Mexico


Juan Pablo del Valle Perochena.

Juan Pablo del Valle Perochena Chairman of the Board of Orbia. © Courtesy Juan Pablo del Valle Perochena

Juan Pablo Del Valle Perochena

LACC CO-CHAIR, Chairman, Orbia, Mexico


Biodiversity, Water


Chairman of Orbia since 2011. Juan Pablo graduated from Harvard Business School in 2001, and holds an Industrial Engineering degree from Universidad Anahuac. Under his watch, Orbia has been transformed from a local chemical corporation to a global purpose driven community of companies whose aim is to feed the world sustainably, better manage our water systems, and make our cities more livable, lovable, and resilient.  Prior to his role at Orbia, Juan Pablo founded Grupo Módulo Progresivo an affordable housing development company in 2001, and built more than 1.5 million square feet of mixed-use developments in Mexico for Kaluz, his family business. He also worked for Telmex, where among other responsibilities he led the implementation of the first fiber optic sea cable project connecting the United States, Mexico, and South America.

Juan Pablo serves on the Johnson Controls Inc. and Elementia boards of directors. In the nonprofit realm, he is the chairman of Mexico City’s first water fund, and co-chairman of the Latin American Conservation Council.

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