Emilio Azcárraga

CEO, Televisa, Mexico


Member of The Latin America Council

Emilio Azcárraga Emilio Azcárraga © TNC

Emilio Azcárraga Jean

CEO, Televisa, Mexico


Oceans, Sustainable Fisheries


Was born in Mexico City in 1968. He is President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grupo Televisa S.A.B., as well as President of Fundación Televisa.

His career with the company began in 1988 as Operations Director of Channel 12 in Tijuana. Two years later, he was appointed Grupo Televisa's Corporate Vice President of Programming and, in 1996, Chief Operating Officer, responsible for the overall operation of the company. In 1997 he became CEO of the group.

Led by Emilio Azcárraga Jean, Grupo Televisa has more than doubled its operating margin and has consistently captured more than 70% of Mexico's broadcast television market. Today, Televisa is the undisputed leader of Spanish-language content worldwide. It produces, yearly, more than 90,000 hours of original programming that is exported to over 85 countries, including an audience of 50 million Hispanics in U.S.Through its continued expansion into cable and satellite TV as well as landline and mobile telephony services, Televisa has also become a major player in the Mexican telecommunications industry.

Mr. Azcárraga's commitment to social responsibility is reflected in his support of Fundación Televisa, Mexico’s most prominent foundation; and Teletón, a nationwide event to assist handicapped children and fight childhood cancer.

In constant search of a connection with the new generations that will determine Mexico's future, Azcárraga Jean set the tone of dialogue among college students with the annual effort Espacio, and he enthusiastically promoted the entrepreneurs of Endeavor Mexico during his term as president of the organization, between 2011 and 2012.

In alliance with educational institutions, a variety of organizations and the media, Azcarraga Jean championed Iniciativa México, an effort that began with a direct call to society, then identified and advised innovative, sustainable and high impact projects capable of generating social leadership and strengthening Mexico.

Mr. Azcárraga has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations from Universidad Iberoamericana, and he studied the D1 Program on Business Administration at the Mexico City Branch of IPADE. In 2006, he received an honorary MBA from the Business Institute of Madrid, Spain.

He is a member of the boards of Grupo Financiero Banamex, the Mexican Council of Businessmen and Univision, and he is Co-President of Iusacell.

He currently lives in Buenos Aires with his wife, Magdalena and his two kids, Gaia and Max.

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