Cerrado Brasileiro
Cerrado Brasileiro Edge of native Cerrado vegetation and pasture to the North of Emas National Park, southern State of Goi s. Opening of new pastures is fragmenting the landscape, decreasing habitat availability for animals and eliminating endemic plant species. Tropical Grassland/Savanna. (ALL RIGHTS GRANTED TO TNC) © © Scott Warren

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Zero Conversion and Commodities Strategy launches video celebrating its flagship project Conservation and Markets Initiative (CMI)

The project's priority is to eliminate deforestation of the soy and beef commodities in the Amazon, Cerrado and Gran Chaco.

Five years have passed since the launch of the Conservation and Market Initiative (CMI) Project, funded by Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.    

This work focus on boosting private sector leadership among those responsible for the supply chain, ensuring transparency through monitoring, verification and decision support tools and platforms, and aligning capital to support practices related to zero deforestation of commodities.

The first phase provided a solid foundation for the initiative's next steps to increasingly focus on implementation and action.

As part of the celebration and milestone of the five-year flagship project of TNC's Zero Deforestation Strategy, we have developed a retrospective video that showcases the main achievements and special moments during this journey over the past 5 years. Check the result on the video below.

Conservation and Markets Initiative Video celebrating the 5 years of CMI initiative.