mangrove roots above and under the water
Exuma Mangroves Mangrove displaying impressive arching underwater root system in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, Bahamas. © Jeff Yonover

Stories in The Bahamas

Climate Adaptation and Mitigation in The Bahamas

Promote healthy ecosystems and reduce risk to vulnerable communities by mainstreaming Nature-based Solutions (NBS) into national policies and practice

The Bahamas is a low-lying small island archipelago which is highly susceptible to climate change impacts such as rising sea levels, increased frequency and intensity of hurricanes and coral reef degradation. Climate adaptation and mitigation is crucial to addressing these threats. Although much of the country depends on buffer systems like corals and mangroves, many of these important ecosystems are in decline. By integrating nature-based solutions in our national approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions we can get one step closer to our conservation goal. 

roots of mangroves below the water with trunks and trees above water
Red Mangrove Roots Mangroves in Alligator Creek, Cat Island. Alligator Creek is a proposed MPA as part of the initiative to set aside 20% of near shore areas as MMAs by the year 2020. © Shane Gross

Red Mangroves with intertwined roots at Cat Island


  1. Support the restoration of degraded mangrove habitats in Grand Bahama and Abaco.
  2. Increase capacity for stakeholders to scale up restoration efforts.
  3. Advance carbon accounting research and analysis at restoration sites
  4. Support a national carbon accounting inventory and ground truthing for mangrove ecosystem mapping.
  5. Develop and submit a carbon project document.
  6. Increase capacity for Bahamas National Trust key staff to develop climate smart management plans.
  7. Update three management plans for protected areas to make them climate resilient.

                          Current Work/Projects

Impact Funding for BahamaReefs

Impact Funding for BahamaReefs is a long-term blended finance initiative led by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in collaboration with the Global Fund for Coral Reefs (GFCR) and other strategic partners. The goal of the BahamaReefs program is to facilitate the development of and investments in innovative financial mechanisms and reef-positive businesses that contribute to the resilience of coral reefs and adjacent communities.

Impact funding for BahamaReefs supports the Northern Mangrove Restoration (NBMR) project which is a formalized collaboration through an MOU between Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, Perry Institute for Marine Science, Waterkeepers Bahamas, Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute, Bahamas National Trust, Blue Action Lab, Friends of the Environment, Ministry of the Environment & Natural Resources – Forestry Unit and The Nature Conservancy. 

The purpose of this project is to restore mangrove habitat on Grand Bahama and Abaco Island through the development and implementation of various plans to include: a Master Restoration and Monitoring Plan, a Carbon Accounting and Science Plan, a Communications Plan, a Community Engagement and Capacity-Building Plan, a Sustainable Funding Plan, a Policy-maker Engagement Plan and a National Mangrove Restoration and Monitoring Plan. Through output 1 of the BahamaReefs project, improve management effectiveness of priority coral reef sites, including climate refugia, the program will identify and effectively manage climate change refugia within and outside of existing MPAs.

TNC will provide training to protected area managers to update management plans to make them climate-smart. Through output three of the BahamaReefs project, Coral reefs and associated ecosystems are restored to increase resilience the program will test blue carbon resilience credit methodology in pilot sites and replicate if feasible.