in Oneisomw, Chuuk.
Coastal erosion in Oneisomw, Chuuk. ©: Doug Ramsey

Stories in the Pacific Islands

Ecosystem-Based Adaptation to Climate Change

The Nature Conservancy is focused on using readily available, cost-effective natural climate solutions to tackle climate change.

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We are recognized as a global leader in developing and implementing ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change and community-based climate adaptation.

With the help of climate modelling, vulnerability assessments and participatory land-use planning processes, communities can identify critical areas for conservation and employ nature-based solutions, such as restoring mangroves, to enhance their resilience, adapt to the impacts of climate change, and reduce their disaster risk.

We also focus on policy changes at the local and national level. In Manus and West New Britain, provinces of Papua New Guinea, we worked with the sub-national government and communities to establish mangrove policies that will guide communities and governments in the sustainable management of mangroves.

To help us continue to work on climate change solutions, we need additional funding from people like you.

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  • The forest in First State National Park near Wilmington, Delaware.

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