Laohegou Nature Reserve Elderly farmer harvests her crop on terraced farmland in Minzhu Village on the edge of the Laohegou Nature Reserve. © Nick Hall

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China Climate Change Solutions: Shaping Policy

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In order to combat a problem as big as climate change, we need a multi-pronged approach, working with all parties including government, partners and communities. Policy change is one of the key areas we are using in this tough fight. By driving policy changes, we can accelerate our transition to a clean energy future and motivate increased emphasis on and investment in natural climate solutions.

TNC China has developed four recognized forest carbon accounting systems with the Chinese government. These systems were created to track baseline figures of emissions from forests, set tangible emissions reduction goals, increase transparency and help China comply with international agreements.

Carbon accounting methodologies for Chinese Certified Emission Reduction (CCER):

  • Reforestation methodology
  • Methodology for forestation using bamboo
  • Methodology for forest management
  • Small-scale methodology for restoring non-coal mining area

Building on these successes, TNC is developing a new wetland carbon accounting system that will track similar figures on the coast and influence management practices.

To help us continue to build on these successes, we need additional funding from people like you.

Cooperating with governments, corporates and financial institutions, TNC will continue to explore and practice nature-based solutions to climate change in China. We are dedicated to actively participating in and contributing toward China’s compliance to international commitments.