Yunnan Province Healthy forest in northwest Yunnan province, China. © Tang Ling

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The Nature Conservancy is looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions using readily available, cost-effective natural climate solutions, including reforestation and avoided deforestation. Doing so, we could deliver more than one-third of the greenhouse gas emission reductions required by 2030 to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius.

Forests store huge amounts of carbon, so their destruction brings major climate consequences. TNC China is committed to implementing forest carbon-offset projects that keep the balance of climate, community and biodiversity in mind. These projects are aimed at restoring the multiple benefits and services provided to humans by forests and wetland ecosystems.

To date, TNC has implemented more than 27,000 acres of forest carbon-offset projects in China. This includes planting 24,000,000 tree seedlings, which should sequester 2,600,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide within 60 years.

With science-based planning and dedicated field stewardship, we are seeing levels of carbon sequestration increase within forests.