Yap, Micronesia Small plants grow at the community garden greenhouse operated by participants in the Women Leading Climate Action Workshop. © Tim Calver

Women and Conservation in Asia Pacific

A Promise to the Next Generation

Women across the Pacific are leading climate solutions. They are taking action to protect their lands and waters, maintain their cultural traditions, and secure their future and their children’s future in the face of climate change. The Nature Conservancy (TNC) seeks to support and amplify their efforts, their engagement in decision making at all levels, and their leadership in climate action. When women are included, they can contribute their knowledge and skills to climate solutions and can ensure that their input, needs, and concerns informs planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating climate actions.

For example, women may hold valuable traditional knowledge gained from their experiences adapting to environmental changes over generations. Greater inclusion can also increase the effectiveness of adaptation efforts, engagement, knowledge uptake, behavior change, and project sustainability. Excluding the input of women results in less robust and equitable climate change programs and policies. Climate programs and policies, therefore, must consider such constraints and opportunities to support sustainable and resilient communities and ecosystems and to avoid exacerbating gender inequalities. 

Watch this video to hear women's commitments on conservation to the next generation.

A Promise The Nature Conservancy with women leaders from the Pacific make a promise to future generations.

Interview with Robyn James

What’s good for women is good for the environment

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