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Conservancy Members Share Why They Give

Why do you support conservation? Read about what some of our members think of our work and why conserving natural resources is important to them.

Mary Stainton, Conservancy Member
"I give to honor my father, Bill Stainton, who in all his 90 years, was happiest when he volunteered for the Nature Conservancy."

Deborah Rose, Legacy Club Member
“As a financial professional, I appreciate the Conservancy's realistic approach toward its mission, concentrating its efforts and resources on acquiring control over nature's treasures and creating alliances with those who have the power to make positive change happen.”

Jesse Daniels, Conservancy Member
"My son, Erik, passed away on October 6, 2007. Every year on the anniversary of his death I contribute to save the rainforest - because when he was about 7-8 years old he said that when he grew up he wanted to save the rainforest, this is my way of keeping his memory alive."

Stella Jones, Legacy Club Member
“As the Conservancy's mission has evolved, I have seen the wisdom of establishing partnerships that enlighten and involve more people, and corporate and political entities, in conservation and restoration; the more people who understand that humans are part of the solution as well as part of the problem, the better are the chances of the planet surviving and all species thriving upon it.”

Gina, Online Community E-member
"It is a pleasure to give to an organization that does so much to preserve the natural world around us. I am a disabled person, who cannot be out 'doing' in nature as I have in the past, but your magazine gives me a front row seat--and I am thankful."

Colby, Conservancy Member (Age 10)
"I love coral reefs and I love all the animals that live there. Every year, I donate some of my allowance to a charity that is important to me. This year I picked The Nature Conservancy to help the oceans."

Margaret Rose, Conservancy Member
"I give because my parents always gave. Our family, or parts of our family have lived in the Adirondacks for more than 50 years. It is a place that gives us peace and happiness in terms of natural beauty and the wonderful people who live there and work to preserve its special character. The Nature Conservancy has been critical to keeping the special beauty of the Adirondacks intact for public and private use."

Cathy Randall, Legacy Club Member
“I am so impressed with how much the Conservancy has accomplished in a relatively short amount of time. I think it is because of the way they build communities and work in partnership with people— they don’t try to do it alone.”

Chris, Online Community E-member
"I started giving years ago because of the novel idea of using the money to secure the land rather than trying to convince someone else to do so. I have continued to be impressed with the way The Nature Conservancy has worked with governments, businesses and other conservation groups to accomplish the goal of protecting our world. I am proud to be a member."

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