Conservation Buyer Program

Property Listing

Tchefuncte River Marsh

Louisiana, St. Tammany Parish

Size: 799 acres
Price: $505,000

The property is or will be encumbered by a conservation servitude as described below.


The tract consists of approximately 799.5 acres of existing tidal emergent marsh that transitions into freshwater emergent marsh and forested wetland including cypress-tupelo swamp that further transitions into small areas of bottomland hardwood forest in the northern area. The tract is considered a premier recreational waterfowl hunting area close to the historic town of Madisonville, the mouth of the Tchefuncte River, and Lake Pontchartrain.


Primary Conservation Objective

The conservation objective for this site is to protect a key core high-quality emergent marsh tract while supporting the long-term goal to work with partners to link protected tracts with existing conservation areas to the east and west.

Biodiversity Highlights

Tchefuncte River Marsh tract supports approximately 799.5 acres of intact emergent marsh and cypress-tupelo swamp habitat.  The Tchefuncte River is designated as a Louisiana Natural and Scenic River and provides critical freshwater input into the Lake Pontchartrain system.  The river, Lake Pontchartrain and adjacent tidally influenced marsh provide important habitat for federally listed species such as Gulf Sturgeon, infrequent occurrences of West Indian manatee, state-rare species including Bald Eagle, Paddlefish and Osprey, and also supports large numbers of migratory waterfowl and wading birds.  The site also benefits ecologically significant submerged aquatic vegetation along the shore of the Lake.  This tract is primarily fresh marsh, including sawgrass (Cladium jamaicense), which is a rarity in this part of Louisiana, but grades into cypress swamp and bottomland hardwood forest on the northern, higher elevation portions of the property.


Restrictions and Servitudes

Restrictions include prohibition of any construction of improvements or structures, removal of native vegetation, earth moving, changes in elevation contours, draining the property, subdividing, and operating motor vehicles except on existing paths and allowed path.






Additional Photos

View in northern area of tract.  ©TNC


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