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The following properties are available for sale from The Nature Conservancy through its Conservation Buyer Program. All conservation buyer properties will be protected with a conservation easement satisfactory to The Nature Conservancy.  Each property is or will be encumbered by a conservation easement as described in individual listings.


Please check with the property contact for additional details.  All properties will be sold at or above fair market value as determined by an independent appraisal.

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Property Location Price
Antelope Canyon Colorado, Larimer County Negotiable
Clymer Meadow Kirkland Tract Texas, Hunt County $300,000
Gulf Creek Canyon Preserve Alabama, St. Clair County $379,500
Hatchineha Ranch Mitigation Bank Florida, Polk County $5,000,000 
Lake Kissimmee Preserve Florida, Polk County Both parcels $1,750,000 
JE Canyon Ranch Colorado, Las Animas County Please inquire
Stutsman County Grazing and Haying Land, North Dakota ND, Stutsman County
Jurisdiction: Marston Moor Twp.
Please call Bev Rinke for more information at (612) 331-0752 (office)
Trap Mountain Tract Arkansas, Hot Spring County Negotiable

The information about the properties identified and listed herein do not constitute an offer to sell any particular property and cannot be accepted without additional written agreements between the Conservancy and a prospective buyer. A prospective buyer will be expected to execute further documents, including but not limited to a purchase and sale agreement, in order to undertake and complete any transaction contemplated herein.


If the transaction involves a donation by the purchaser to the Conservancy, a tax deduction may be available for the donation. It is the purchaser's obligation to establish the amount of the donation for federal tax purposes and prospective purchasers therefore must consult with their own advisers and rely upon their advice with respect to the availability of a tax deduction for the donation and the requirements for appraisals to substantiate the tax deduction.


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