Conservation Buyer Program

Property Listing

Clymer Meadow Kirkland Tract

Texas, Hunt County

Size: 117 acres
Price: $300,000

Buyer can choose either 1) to purchase this property encumbered with a conservation easement, or 2) buyer will convey to TNC either a conservation easement acceptable to TNC or an option to acquire the described conservation easement at closing. TNC will exercise its option if an easement is not conveyed to TNC during the option term or if actions are taken on the property that are inconsistent with the conservation of the property.


Property is approximately 117 acres of rolling grassland. Seasonal creek.Contains a +/-40 acre prairie remnant. Great views.

Primary Conservation Objective

Objective is to 1) conserve all remnant Blackland Prairie within 18,000 acre conservation area, 2) restore ecological function by increasing connectivity between high quality patches and 3) restore former croplands to increase acreage under native cover.

Biodiversity Highlights

This tract, less than 1/4 mile from TNC's preserve, is part of a landscape-scale project to protect globally imperiled Blackland Prairie. The tract supports a 40 acre prairie remnant with unique soil micro-depressions called gilgai. These shallow basins provide microhabitat for moisture-loving native plant species and indicate that the soil has not been tilled.

Qualifications and Restrictions

1) No subdivision 2) no development (small residential development envelope allowed) 3) grazing only under management plan 4) soil disturbance limited to restoration activities 5) no removal of trees along riparian corridor 6) no activities altering existing hydrology 7) no pollution or water extraction.



Additional Photos

Kirkland Tract (North), © Roger Mangham, TNC

Kirkland Tract (South), © Roger Mangham, TNC


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