Conservation Buyer Program

Property Listing

Caliente Ranch

California, Kern County

Size: 7,297 acres
Price: $1,899,000

The property is or will be encumbered by a conservation easement as described below.


This rare property presents a unique opportunity to own a slice of natural beauty in the vicinity of the town of Tehachapi and the larger urban area of Bakersfield. The Tehachapi Mountains, situated at the convergence of the Sierra Nevada and Sierra Madre Mountains, contain blue and black oak woodlands, grasslands, chaparral and pine forests along with great ranching opportunities. Caliente Ranch is a rare combination of stunning natural beauty and ranching opportunity.

Primary Conservation Objective

TNC aims to create wildlife linkages from the Los Padres National Forest to the Sequoia National Forest, as an effort to facilitate regular wildlife movement and allow species dispersal in the face of climate change. In addition to creating linkages, TNC will place conservation restrictions on the property to satisfy the needs of threatened and endangered species, such as the Kern primrose sphinx moth.

Biodiversity Highlights

The Caliente property contains the endangered Kern primrose sphinx moth as well as various raptors, golden eagles and the endangered California condor, deer and black bear. Anecdotal evidence also suggests the presence of bald eagles.

Qualifications and Restrictions

At closing, TNC will place a conservation easement on the property with requirements ensuring that grazing and other such activities do not affect wildlife movement and populations of endangered species.


Additional Photos

Oaks against blue sky © E.J. Remson

Moss and rocks © E.J. Remson


An aerial of the property

A regional context of the property showing Caliente Ranch and other public lands


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