Healthy reef in the Florida Keys.
Healthy Coral Reef One of the last remaining stands of healthy staghorn coral growing abundantly in Dry Tortugas National Park in the Florida Keys. © Rachel Hancock Davis/TNC


Build Back Better Bill Delivers Climate Action Metro Orlando Voters Want

Many Floridians have already made up their minds on this once-in-a-generation opportunity for climate action.

While Congress continues to debate the provisions in the Build Back Better Act, many Floridians have already made up their minds on this once-in-a-generation opportunity for climate action.

In a recent Orlando-area survey, 62 percent of voters said they support the proposed Build Back Better Act being developed in Congress with 46 percent strongly supporting it. A majority of voters viewed a number of climate-related policies in the bill from forest and reef restoration to reducing emissions—as very important.

Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) said their member of Congress should work with the Biden Administration to enact policies to transition to cleaner energy and reduce pollution.

The poll, commissioned by The Nature Conservancy in Florida, was conducted among 350 registered voters in Florida’s seventh Congressional District by Republican polling firm New Bridge Strategy.

“Floridians are on the front lines of climate change, and they understand the urgency of meeting this crisis with bold action to lower our carbon emissions and switch to clean energy now, before it’s too late,” said the Executive Director of The Nature Conservancy in Florida Temperince Morgan.

When informed about the details of the Build Back Better plan, respondents supported it by a 26-point margin. The poll also found:

  • 65 percent of voters believe transitioning to more clean energy and reducing emissions is a good investment of taxpayer money, with 52 percent classifying this as a very good investment.
  • A majority want to see bold action on climate change now, with 59 percent agreeing with the statement that “we cannot afford to continue to delay on policies that will help address climate change. Now is the time to take bold action, even if it means significant government spending in the short-term.”
  • 87 percent reported that helping communities reduce the risk and be better prepared for natural disasters like wildfires, storms, floods, or drought was important, with 58 percent stating this was extremely or very important.
  • A majority supported making industries, including oil, natural gas, energy, and fuel companies, pay a fee based on the amount of carbon pollution they produce as a way to fund the proposal, with 69 percent finding this somewhat acceptable, and 50 percent finding this completely acceptable.
“For most Floridians, climate change is affecting our lives today in a very real way, with weather-related disasters and extreme temperatures,” Morgan added. “Congress must take significant action now through the Build Back Better bill to safeguard Florida’s future.”
The poll was conducted September 22-26, 2021 and has a margin of error of +5.24 percent.

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