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Nature in Focus

Tips for photographing the world around you

A person who is holding a camera looks out on a still lake that is surrounded by green trees.
Photography Webinar Learn how to take great photos of nature! © Encierro/

Join us for this free webinar!

We’ll cover wildlife photography best practices and where to find photo-worthy flora and fauna in the Midwest!


Event Overview

Hear from Jason Whalen, photographer and co-owner of Fauna Creative, as he shares how powerful imagery can advance conservation efforts across the Midwest. Throughout the presentation, he’ll also share some photography tips you can use on your next outdoor adventure.

We’ll also hear from Shaun Howard, preserve infrastructure and outreach manager, on where and when to capture unique flora and fauna in the Midwest.

At the conclusion of the presentation, we'll share some of the Michigan contenders in TNC's Global Photo Contest. We guarantee they are going to be stunning!

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