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The Nature Conservancy is helping protect Argentina’s temperate grasslands

The Patagonian Grasslands Conservation Project

Stretching from the foothills of the Andes to the Atlantic coast of Argentina, the Patagonian grasslands are a reminder of untamed wilderness and wide-open plains. Across an expanse of 240 million acres, the region boasts a wealth of natural resources.

Despite being arid and semi-arid, these temperate grasslands support many plant and animal species. They are also crucial for conserving healthy soils, controlling erosion, cycling nutrients and maintaining clean water sources.

Unfortunately, Patagonia faces important obstacles to a sustainable future. In March 2008, the Conservancy established a project in Argentina, to join and build upon efforts already in place to conserve the country’s temperate grasslands. Learn more about the Patagonia Grasslands Conservation Project...


Photo by Chris Pague

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Highest Priority Biodiversity Areas Mapped for the First Time in the Patagonian Steppe and Shrublands

The Nature Conservancy, together with WCS and the Argentine National Parks Administration, has published a new book marking the first detailed scientifically-evaluated analysis of the highest priority biodiversity areas in Patagonia.

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