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Places We Protect

Use this map and browse the list below to explore the preserves and places we protect in Virginia.

Together with partners, local landowners and people like you, we have helped to protect over 340,000 acres of private and public land across our commonwealth. Will you help us continue our vital work on behalf of nature and people?

Please review our visitation guidelines for Conservancy preserves and use the resources on this page to help plan your exploration.  Our preserves include 38 miles of trail you can enjoy.  Head outside and experience Virginia's great places for yourself!

Preserves You Can Visit

Alexander Berger
Blackwater River
Bottom Creek Gorge
Dragon Flats
Falls Ridge
Fortune's Cove
New Point Comfort
North Landing River
Piney Grove
Vandell Preserve at Cumberland Marsh
Warm Springs Mountain
Wildcat Mountain

Partner Sites You Can Visit

Explore these natural areas that TNC played a role in protecting

Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

Great Falls Park
Meadow Creek
Rappahannock River Lands

Other Places We Protect

While not open to the public, these preserves further important conservation efforts

Castle Hill

Meadow Creek
The Narrows
Potts Creek Shale Barren
Walnut Hill Preserve

Our Priority Natural Systems

Albemarle Sound
Allegheny Highlands
Central Appalachians
Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Rivers
Clinch Valley
Mid-Atlantic Seascape
Virginia Coast Reserve

Exploration Resources

Conservancy Projects on Public Lands
Preserving public spaces for people and nature

Coastal Resilience
Using nature-based adaptations to confront climate change

Protecting Virginia's Water
Working to preserve the quality - and quantity - of VA's drinking water

Virginia Natural Area Preserve System
Protecting some of the most significant natural areas in the Commonwealth

Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail
Celebrating the diversity of the species that call VA home

Virginia Aquatic Resources Trust Fund
Making large-scale freshwater conservation possible

We’re Accountable

The Nature Conservancy makes careful use of your support.

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