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Maryland / DC

Preserve Audio Tours

Download our preserve audio tours. It’s like hiking with a naturalist in your pocket!

This collection of Nature Conservancy audio tours will enlighten listeners about the local geology, rare species, river hydrology, and native plants and animals at selected nature preserves in Maryland/DC, Virginia, Delaware, and West Virginia. Whether you're planning a visit or you're already there, let these audio clips be your personal tour guide! Just download each clip to your mobile device and listen at the stops along the trail.

Audio Tours - New for Winter 2013!

Additional Audio Tours

Ponders Tract Trail

About the Authors

Amanda Burke

A lifelong geology and ornithology enthusiast, Amanda enjoys volunteering her time to help conserve local wildlife habitats and nature. Fond of desert landscapes, her favorite state park to date is Valley of Fire in Nevada's eastern Mojave Desert. A native of Missouri and North Carolina, Amanda has worked in public affairs for the U.S. Government in Washington, D.C. since 2006.



Jennifer Szuchia Sun

As a conservation biologist, Jennifer has broad interests in environmental education, recreation management, and ecology.  Jennifer grew up in Taiwan and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese.  She has a strong connection with nature and has conducted research on bioluminescent fungi.  Read more about her experiences as a GLOBE intern.

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