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Retained Life Estate Gifts

You can benefit the future of the natural world by creating a retained life estate by giving your house to The Nature Conservancy your and continue to live there rent-free.

How it works
  1. You transfer your residence, farm, or vacation home to The Nature Conservancy subject to a life estate.
  2. You continue to live in the property for life or a specified term of years, while continuing to be responsible for all taxes and upkeep.
  3. The property passes to The Nature Conservancy when your life estate ends.

Retained Life Estates Illustration

  • You receive gift credit and an immediate income tax deduction for a portion of the appraised value of your property.
  • You can terminate your life estate at any time and take an additional income tax deduction.
  • You have the satisfaction of making a significant gift now that benefits The Nature Conservancy later.

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