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Josh Goldstein

Josh Goldstein


Josh is an economist and ecosystem services scientist with the Human Dimensions Program, working to mainstream incorporation of nature’s benefits to people in planning and policy contexts. His work focuses on developing and applying new approaches for ecosystem services mapping and valuation, designing payments for ecosystem services, quantifying conservation return-on-investment, and expanding conservation on private lands. His projects are located throughout the United States and internationally, where he works collaboratively with private landowners, government agencies, corporations, and other stakeholders to incorporate nature’s values into decision-making.

Prior to joining the Conservancy, Josh was an assistant professor of ecological economics in the Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources at Colorado State University. In this position, he was the founding academic director of the Conservation Leadership master’s program.

Josh received his B.A. in Biology from Williams College and his Ph.D. in Environment and Resources from Stanford University. He was a post-doctoral researcher with the Natural Capital Project applying ecosystem services mapping techniques and advancing market-based approaches for conservation in Hawaii.

Areas of expertise:
Ecosystem services
Ecological economics
Conservation finance
Conservation return-on-investment
Private lands conservation

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Josh Goldstein


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