At The Nature Conservancy, scientific research is critical to solve complex conservation challenges. Research translates into on-the-ground action that has lasting results for Wyoming’s most ecologically-important lands and waters. By publishing this research in peer-reviewed journals, Conservancy scientists ensure that our research is transparent and can be shared throughout the scientific community.

Published Research


  • Copeland, HE, A Pocewicz, DE Naugle, T Griffiths, D Keinath, J Evans, J Platt (2013) Measuring the effectiveness of conservation: A novel framework to quantify the benefits of sage-grouse conservation policy and easements in Wyoming. PLoS ONE 8(6):e67261 - See more at:
    Download our report "Mapping Migration:
    Important Places for Wyoming's Migratory Birds"
Conservation Planning

For more than a decade, The Nature Conservancy’s work has been guided by a framework we call Conservation by Design — a systematic approach that determines where to work, what to conserve, what strategies we should use and how effective we have been.

Conservation planning marries a collaborative, science-based approach with key analytical methods that we use to assess and plan our actions. In Wyoming, Conservation by Design enables the Conservancy to preserve healthy ecosystems that support people and host the diversity of life on Earth.


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